United Kingdom is second to the United States of America as a study destination for international students. But it is differs among Indian students. UK has been always a fascinating country among Indian students willing to go abroad for their further education. The year 2009 and after, the number of students from India willing to study in the UK dramatically dropped down. To bring this situation the contemporary private small-scaled education providers played an important role. However we cannot be biased and should include that it is the weakness of British Government that it could not manage and assure the quality and financial health of such education providers in the country.

UK and India having a long term of bilateral relationship both countries have benefitted each others. This is the reason probably that UK is so popular among Indian People. British Qualification is always recognized and respected in this country. And no doubt British Education system is excellent. Universities in this country are big names for everyone.

British Qualification in hand is always a smarter choice. It not only strengthens your CV but it smarts it also. Experiencing some time in the UK enriches your knowledge for sure and help you develop your understanding. Quality of Education in Quality Education Providers are ensured. There are many opportunities about scholarships and grants. Grabbing it depends upon your own preparation and information. Be informed and plan better together with Alight Group.

The U.K. ranks second to the U.S. in international students’ preferences for study destinations. Since the 1999 launch of the Prime Minister’s Initiative (PMI), the U.K. has focused on providing more international student places in further and higher education. The U.K. has numerous further and higher education institutions for the international student to consider, and English-language courses are readily available throughout the four countries.

Visa applications for the four countries composing the United Kingdom go to the U.K. Border Agency. Applicants need to meet the entry requirements of the course they wish to undertake within further and/or higher education, including English-language level requirements (e.g., IELTS).

International students from outside the EEA must apply for a Tier 4 Points Based System Visa. They can apply for a student visa through the Visa Application Centres in other countries (See www.visas.gov.uk). Non-EEA visa regulations are subject to ongoing review, so you need to have updated information and make sure to check for the most current rules.

Once approved, a visa is issued for the length of the course of study. Students may receive a visa for both an English-language and a Level 3 (further education) or Level 4 (higher education) course. Some student visas permit work while studying in the U.K.

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